Bold innovation. Flair. And real-world experience. These are three attributes that define the work of producer Alex Vishno. He weaves together unique career threads such as hot-seat production jobs with large scale Madison Square Garden televised concert productions, Bahrain royalty, and powerhouse corporations with high-level academic accreditations. Through the newly launched A2V Media, he makes his expertise and creativity available to the public and artfully reimagines the live event and video experience.

Fresh out of Berklee College Of Music Alex found himself working behind the scenes for a multi-artist televised concert in Madison Square Garden. He’d passed through the showbiz ranks as a musical director and arranger working with pop’s top music stars, before eventually moving into a more fluid role. Now he was literally helping to run a landmark show in an iconic venue. At one point, he was the only soul in the audience of the famed venue watching MJ rehearse with ‘N Sync. It was a profound, life changing moment.

Electrified by his early success, Alex finished his MFA at Cal Arts and went on to pursue an MBA degree at Babson College honing his production chops and sharpening his business acumen. Alex has since gone onto to become a highly versatile producer through his work with celebrity artists, venture capitalists, silicon valley moguls, fortune 500 companies, innovation consulting firms, smaller companies and startups. To each project he brings his fingerprint of creativity, polished professionalism, and unmatched passion for the work.

The mission of his company A2V Media is put together impeccably run video and live event productions that are enjoyable for viewing and attending audiences. To this end, the client’s vision is paramount, and Alex tailors the strategy for each project to ensure the customer’s needs are met with competence and grace. Throughout the planning, Alex works closely with his clients, demystifying the process and keeping communication lines open.

Alex’s company offers full production packages—equipment and manpower—for corporate events, launch parties, keynote speeches, video impact stories, social media videos, conferences, concerts, festivals, instructional videos, green screen shoots, music videos and more. A2V Media is based in Fairfield Connecticut and works nationally and internationally. For each project, A2V pairs the finest audiovisual and video equipment available with a crew assembled from the industry’s leading lights.

It’s been a dazzling journey for Alex Vishno. There probably isn’t another event producer around who can say they started at Madison Square Garden. When you start at the top that becomes the standard and that’s how A2Vmedia will redefine how we experience videos and live events.