Impact Stories, Event Videos including Conferences, Concerts, Local gatherings, and Galas!

Not only can we produce a video of your event, but we can produce one for your event! We had the pleasure of producing a beautiful story premiered at a gala event in Connecticut, and the story embraced the audience and brought some to tears. In addition we can create videos of your event to help promote the next one.

Your work deserves to be filmed! Every working milestone and every event are both so incredibly content rich, and capturing that content through video is certain to become an incredible source of future marketing collateral.  Take a business conference for example. Often conference producers will take steps to film the on-stage portion of the event and share it later.  However we would offer that another extraordinary opportunity is to interview all stage presenters back stage, following their time on stage.  They are often excited about the audience response to their keynote or panel discussion, and have much more to say which they can do off-stage on-camera.  These interviews can be delivered to your audience after the event, cut into highlight reels, and will help you continue the conversation well beyond the event itself in turn building your audience for the next live event.

Impact Stories, or short documentaries are another important area of marketing your work. You may have finished a significant project in your business, and want to show it off to help land future work. We can help you create a short documentary about your accomplishments, an impact story as we like to call it, and you can show it to the world! Your accomplishments need to be promoted, and we can help you make that happen.

A2V offers single and multi-camera shoots for impact stories, conferences, concerts, special events, and can deliver video of the entire experience, highlights, interviews, short social media videos, and more. We will work with you to create an video package that ensures quality content you can use endlessly.