We make this simple for you!

With the appetite for content only growing as social media continues to be a major force in advertising, businesses large and small are hunting for content to deliver to audiences in their drive to retain existing customers and gain new ones.  Our social media video package is designed to be filmed at your business without interrupting your day-to-day operations. We will pick a day to film, meet you at your business, film a handful of interviews and b-roll of your work (various shots of your operations), and deliver back to you several different videos that you can then share through your social media and web-channels. Instagram Videos, Facebook Videos, Youtube Videos, these will be ready for virtually any social media channel.  The videos will look and sound great, and will give you that much needed content to feed the public and gain new customers.  The social media package aims to capture key elements of your business that you can target and share accordingly.  We want to hone in on a few special features of your business and make them shine.  We do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do to prepare is wear your favorite outfit for the camera and share your own passion for your work!

Our Social Media Video Package will get you started in a brave new world of web-content!